Precious Years of Childhood

Those Precious Years of Childhood

Childhood days are also referred to as the rainbow years in the life of an individual. These years determine the future of the child, for the personality of a child is molded during these years and therefore, it is very important that the child gets a happy and supportive environment for him/her to grow to his/her full potential. Adults in the position of authority and who have access to the child have a big responsibility to provide him/her a stress free environment so that he/she can learn new things, develop his/her outlook and have the space to forge his/her own distinct character.


Parents, teachers, neighbors are a stakeholder in the all-round development of a child and therefore with their joint effort, a kid will get the peaceful and happy. Nowadays, parents and teachers focus too much attention on improving the performance of the kid in the school by learning the school syllabus by rote or spending a lot of their time on learning mathematical formulas. However, it will be vital for the child if he/she or she is equipped with soft skills, like improving his/her communication skills, working as a team and critical thinking capability that will improve his/her judgmental capabilities to cope with any kind of adverse situation.

But all our effort to provide a better environment to the child will come to a naught if we fail to protect him/her or her from the scourge of childhood violence. Violence in childhood range from the mild to severe and has the potential to harm the psyche of the child in the long term. To confront this problem so that you can ultimately solve it, it is imperative to know where and how violence against your kid takes place. According to research papers published in several reputable journals, the most common place is the home of the child, where domestic violence can make the child very insecure. Similarly, corporal punishment also hurts the self-esteem of the kid. Outside the home, the next place where most incidents of violence take place is the school playground with older children.

Parents should not treat scrapes between children lightly since it has the potential to grow into something serious and very harmful for the children involved. Parents should make an effort to stop childhood violence by talking to the kids regularly about any problem they might face, and keep the home environment free from violence and any sort of stress between the parents. If the child is facing any problems in the school, then the parents should talk to the teachers, school counselors or even the parents of the other students who are perpetrating the violence against your kid to get a grip on the situation and deescalate the tension between them.

With the complete involvement of the parents, teachers and other stakeholders we will be able to give our children the best of the environment to grow in and pursue their dreams to the fullest.